Why did a United Airlines flight attendant deploy the plane’s emergency slide after it landed in Houston… the inflatable slide opened up… and she slid down on a joyride….  She has been removed from flight duties For more information on the Funk Dats, click on eck link below Flight Attendant Deploys Emergency Slide For Joy […]

Why is there a video of a woman from Germany who has had breast implants complete with a valve under her arm that will allow her to pump up her bustline with a syringe full of saline…  without additional surgery….   she also spent a total of 50 thousand euros on her basketballs and other body parts. For more […]

Why was a lady from Elberton Ga. who is 103 years old… put out of the church that she has been a member of for 92 years… She spoke out against the pastor and some of his sermons…  then she got a letter saying that the congregation had voted her out! Listen to Funk Dat: […]