Why is a teacher in Oregon under fire for sending home a survey?  Why did the teacher, who is white, want to start a discussion with the homework assignment called “White Privilege Survey”…. Why is at least one parent upset saying he would like to see his son learning actual education and not be a […]

Gone are the days of only boring black swimsuits for our curvy ladies. We’ve featured the 27 best bathing suits that will have you looking flawless. There is something for everyone ranging from sizes 8 to 28 and even options under $20.00! Enjoy.

Summer just got a whole lot better. Altrichia Cook, 28, like so many before her, lived the words of the popular proverb: Necessity is the…

Get ready to be in there like swimwear this summer. As a current sweat addict I can attest to the fact that athletic bodies while…

You may feel comfy in your bikini while lounging by the beach, but often times getting a drink involves a walk to the bar with all eyes on you. To feel less pressured when strutting, try slipping on these chic cover-ups that show some skin, without giving it all away. Plus, lots of places have […]

The sun is trying to come out, and suddenly shops are selling flip-flops and bikinis as though it is already 100 degrees outside. Abercrombie & Fitch are no exception, and they have stated selling their new season swimwear range featuring padded bikini tops. While this in itself is not really a news story, the fact […]