Why did a train conductor in Spain clock out in the middle of a trip because his shift was over?  He repeatedly told headquarters that he would have to go into overtime but he got no response. He said he didn’t want to risk having an accident so he stopped the train and left 109 […]

Why did a student on a football team in Arizona get suspended…..   After scoring a touchdown the young man put his hand to his mask and pointed to the sky for a few seconds….  to praise GOD…..   A Referee threw a flag, penalized him with unsportsmanlike conduct for excessive celebration….  the refs said […]

It’s been revealed in a new document from the Equal Justice Initiative that during the Jim Crow South era 4,000 Black people were lynched. Nearly every name…

Thanks to the people of metro <strong>Atlanta</strong> for providing <strong>donations</strong> to <strong>Hosea's Feed the Hungry and Homeless</strong>. Check out some <strong>pictures</strong> from our <strong>event</strong> at <strong>South DeKalb Mall</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards</strong> gives us a sneak peek of the <strong>Wolf Creek Amphitheater</strong>, scheduled to open in <strong>South Fulton</strong> in 2010.<!--more-->