On November 4th, the actress that sings is going to flip the narrative into the singer that also acts. Coco Jones will be releasing her EP “What I Didn’t Tell You” features 7 amazing records. Within those 7 songs will be “Caliber” which dropped in April & the newest single “ICU.” Upon releasing “ICU” and […]

Fans and critics alike are getting at Jaheim's perm-tastic hair and the R&B singer is having none of it.

Why is there a video of a woman begging her husband to bring a girlfriend into the house?  Then the couple asked the girlfriend to marry both of them.  Now they all live together happily ever after with their two children For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Man Kills […]

The singer, known for his smooth demeanor, had to be held back from fighting a club owner on Wednesday night.

Hey Ladies, Check out today’s Sunday Crush Groove Steven Beck! Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Steven is a fitness trainer, model, actor and singer. You can find Steven guest starring on the Oddly Oden web series on YouTube! Check out more photos of Sunday’s Crush Groove: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDD3yNDqEIw/?taken-by=thestevenbeck&hl=en Follow me on IG @IAMDEEDEEPARKER If You Know Someone Who […]

Hey Ladies,   Meet Sunday’s Crush Groove George Hill! He is a singer, model, and football player! Is there anything that this man can’t do besides look good?!? Ladies…Enjoy!!! Check Out More Photos of Sunday’s Crush Groove: Follow me on IG @MsDeeDeeParker If You Know Someone Who Should Be Ms.Dee Dee Parker’s Sunday Crush Groove […]

Monica was out promoting her eighth, banging studio album, "Code Red" in this once in a lifetime Interludes performance. Which Monica songs do you love from back in the day?

Since weed was just legalized in Washington D.C.    Why is a man creating a new business model…   he is charging 100 dollars and teaching people how to properly smoke weed…. he teaches eating and vaping techniques…. and he will share the risks and benefits of using marijuana For more information on the Funk […]

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Janet Jackson fans have something big to look forward to this fall. The talented Jackson family entertainer confirmed today that she is preparing to release…

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Rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green‘s wallet is feeling the consequences of not fulfilling his contractual obligations. The former “The Voice” judge signed on to perform in Arkansas…

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When you send shots in Next singer Raphael Brown‘s way, make sure you check his return policy first. After being accused of repeatedly assaulting his…