Season 5 “For Better Or Worse” actress and comedienne Cocoa Brown stopped by The Ride to share with us what to expect on Season 5 of #FBOW. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! She also shares what it’s like working with Tyler Perry, feminism in comedy and the most embarrassing moment that happened when she met Oprah! Click […]

  November 25, 2014 Chubb Rock’s throwback song of the day “Self Destruction” by KRS-One.  Check out the video below.

  November 19, 2014 Chubb Rock’s throwback song of the day is “Why You Wanna” by T.I.  Check out the video below.

Kem stopped by The Ride while Angelique from Cafe Mocha was visiting the 2014 Essence Fest in New Orleans. Listen to the exclusive below:

  June 6, 2014 Chubb Rock shares his throwback song of the day “Planet Rock” Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force.      

  Is it appropriate for a pastor to use lyrics from hip hop songs? Please post your comments below.      

  What did the judge say to the public defender in Florida? “If you wanna fight, let’s go out back… and I’ll beat your a**.” The two stepped outside of the courtroom and the brawl went down in the hall.  They could be heard in the court. Funk Dat….          Judge Murphy […]

  You have children… But you have NEEDS! How long before your lover spends the night? Please post your comments below.

Listen to The Ride [FUNK DAT] 5-29-14     What happened to for better for worse in sickness and in health? Why did a Connecticut man kill his bedridden wife and wrap her body in a waterbed mattress because he was tired of changing her diapers. He pushed her into the tub during a night […]

May 28, 2014 In honor of Chubb Rock’s birthday we chose him as the throwback song of the day.