Shirley Strawberry

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On Wednesday, superstar <strong>Mariah Carey</strong> will sit down for a rare one-on-one with <strong>Larry King</strong> on <strong>CNN</strong>. She opens up on her latest album, finding love, and starring in <strong>Oprah's</strong> movie, <strong>"Precious,"</strong> which debuts November 6. <!--more-->

Today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> is entitled <strong>My Life and My Boyfriend</strong>. "Hello, I am a 20 year old female who just gave birth to my first daughter almost 3 months ago. She is a preemie and I am staying up here in a city, while her father is 3hrs away. I was working while I was pregnant and me and my boyfriend split everything in our apartment."<!--more-->

Would you stay in a relationship with someone for five years who has trust issues? Read today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> and listen to <strong>Steve Harvey's</strong> response. We want to hear yours! <!--more-->

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Today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> has to do with domestic abuse. "Dear Steve and Shirley, I am head over heels in love with my fiance and I have every intent on marrying him but the thing is, he punches me and thinks it's a part of a relationship that everyone goes through." Click below to read the rest of the letter and to hear <strong>Steve Harvey's</strong> response.<!--more-->

Give us your response to today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong>: "I have gotten myself into a huge pickle. This is the situation. I have been off and on again with my child's father. We were on the outs last November. I decided to go on Black People Meet and find a friend." Click below to read the entire letter. <!--more-->

A man's fantasy doesn't always turn out the way he wants it to. Click below to read today's <strong>Strawberry Letter.</strong>

Today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> is from a woman in a relationship that lacks intimacy. That has changed since her "friend with benefits" starting taking Viagara, but there is a side effect. Click below to read the letter. <!--more-->

Shirley, I have a problem with my brother and his wife. My mother has always raised me and my 5 brothers to always be honest about things and respect women as well as ourselves. This is something all of us have always shown until here recently. My second oldest brother recently showed up here at my home with another woman that was not his wife. Click below to read the rest of today's <strong>Strawberry Letter.</strong>

I recently got married to what I call the man of my dreams in March. Steve your book made that happen for me!! I thought I followed all the rules. But for some reason he has not told his family and when they ask him he always avoids the question. Click here to read the rest of today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong>. <!--more-->