Why is Nordstrom offering a solid gift for sale for the holidays?  It’s a rock.  No, not a diamond, a rock in a pouch that Nordstrom’s will sell for $85 dollars.  Each piece in this collection will be unique and could be used for various functions. One might be a paperweight or a pet For […]

Featuring Aaliya, Mary J. Blige, and Ja Rule

Featuring: Christopher Williams, Diddy, And Beyonce

Why did 3 twelve year old girls from… Florida…. Get revenge for a disciplinary action at school. One of the girls had been disciplined for pouring glue in another student’s backpack and that student was suspected of stealing a laptop… the teacher sent the girl to the office…. and the next day the girl and […]

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D’Angelo dropped his anxiously-anticipated third studio album, Black Messiah, to everyone’s surprise on December 15.  Since then, long-time D’Angelo fans have been on stand-by, waiting…