Why was a 19 year old woman in .. Florida… arrested when a security camera caught her setting a car on fire?  She burned the Honda Accord from the trunk and can be seen fanning the flames.  She thought it belonged to her Ex-Boyfriend….  But she had the wrong car. For more information on the […]

Need Voting Info? There’s an app for that! By Denise Dunbar Getting information is literally a click away. Many of your questions can be answered on your phone. That’s because the Secretary of state’s office has a Voter app for mobile devices. It has a lot of cool features. For instance, you can submit your […]

Registration Deadline – Last day to register to vote for this Fall Election (Including Runoffs) Monday, October 6, 2014   Early Voting Period – Monday through Friday, 3 weeks before Election Day (Including one Saturday. The Saturday date varies per county) October 13 – 31, 2014   General Election Tuesday, November 4, 2014   State […]