Regina King

Regina King beat out her competition to take home another Emmy.

The fall TV season is shaping up to be pretty eventful to say the least, with tons of #BlackGirlMagic representation to be proud of. One of the most anticipated shows this fall is FOX network’s Pitch about an African American female entering the arena of major league baseball. As if that wasn’t enough to get […]

In this dope roundtable, the primetime leading ladies sound off on on-screen nudity, being called a "diva" and what their roles have taught them.

Black women aren’t stuck in the roles of yesteryear. Over time, they’ve graced screens – both big and small – playing versatile, relatable, and touching roles that help inspire #BlackGirlMagic all over the world.

Regina King has been in the acting game a mighty long time, so when she gives her views on show business, it’s best to listen…

Roland Martin and HipHollywood’s Vanessa Barnett rundown which African American actors  received Emmy Award nominations and who was snubbed by the Emmy voting committee. Lee…