The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a Bridgeport, Ill couple and their real estate agent has been charged with housing discrimination for refusing to sell a house to comedian, George Willborn. George Willborn is the co-host for the Michael Baisden Show. The HUD complaint said the Willborns wanted to buy a five-bedroom home at 3300 […]

NewsOne is reporting that magazine Essence is set to formally hire Elliana Placas, a former staff member of O! Magazine and US Weekly. It is obviously too soon to know what backlash the magazine might suffer as a result of the decision, but it does raise some interesting issues.

Click here to see what Van Jones had to say about the Shirley Sherrod incident.

President Obama on Thursday urged Shirley Sherrod, the black Georgia Agriculture Department official whose firing and subsequent offer of rehiring this week renewed a conversation about politics and race, to continue “her hard work on behalf of those in need.”

A state appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court decision ordering the New York Police Department to turn over years of data identifying the race of suspects shot at by the police.

White and Latino Americans are deeply divided over immigration, their allegiances to the nation’s political parties and their opinions about President Barack Obama, according to a new NBC/MSNBC/Telemundo poll.

As we previously reported, singer John Mayer said some very questionable things in an interview with Playboy, saying that his penis was racist and discussing in detail, his past relationships with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. He also used the N-word. Click here to watch his apology.

The civil rights movement will come alive in song at the White House on Wednesday, when President Obama plans to celebrate Black History Month with a star-studded concert. And it came alive on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, when President Obama installed a rare signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation in the Oval Office and invited a small group of African-American elders and young people in for a private viewing.