Why did a 21 year old Construction Worker in Australia… use a portable toilet… and get bitten on his appendage by a poisonous red back spider…. paramedics were called to the scene but the man said… Funk Dat   he had gotten to the hospital on his own For more information on the Funk Dats, […]

Why did the border patrol seize almost 2500 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside fake carrots that were tossed in with real ones…. The carrots were shipped in from Mexico For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below GA Legislators Try Again To Split Fulton Into 2 Counties Company Makes Life Sized […]

  Via: Sister2Sister   Tami Roman, known to call a sista a “b**ch” in a heartbeat and scream her into a corner even quicker, is saying that she feels bullied by “Basketball Wives” critics and they should be more mature when voicing their issues with her. “Waking up to negativity on Twitter, negativity on Facebook, […]