Admitting a massive cover-up, a former New Orleans police supervisor pleaded guilty to a federal obstruction charge on Wednesday, confessing that he participated in a conspiracy to justify the shooting of six unarmed people after Hurricane Katrina.

One of the guys from the MTV reality show “From G’s to Gents” is wanted by Georgia police for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable — the brutal, bone-breaking beating of his infant daughter. Markice “Kesan” Moore

 is currently on Cobb County’s Most Wanted list.

A man suspected of <strong>killing four police officers</strong> in <strong>Washington</strong> apparently fled a <strong>Seattle</strong> house before a <strong>SWAT</strong> team stormed it Monday, authorities said.<!--more-->

The trial for <strong>Heather Ellis</strong> began in <strong>Missouri</strong> this week. Ellis is facing <strong>15 years in prison</strong> on charges stemming from her changing checkout lines at <strong>Wal-Mart</strong>. Her trial has exposed elements of <strong>racism</strong> in the small Missouri town.<!--more-->

Residents of <strong>Cleveland</strong> are turning their anger towards the city's <strong>police department</strong> after last week's arrest of <strong>Anthony Sowell</strong>, a convicted sex offender who has been charged with multiple counts of murder after <strong>11 decomposing bodies</strong> were discovered in his house and backyard.<!--more-->