Why did a 13 year old girl find herself at gunpoint by a 12 year old boy?  He demanded that she give his a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget.  The boy who is a school mate asked for the chicken and she refused.  So he followed her to a subway station and put the gun to her […]

Why did a 24 year old high school teacher admit that she fell in love with a 17 year old student after he started leaving her love notes on post it stickers.  She started sending sexy selfies and they had a 6 month relationship where she had relations with him in her car everyday until […]

Why were a police officer and his children denied service and food at a McDonalds in Texas?  An employee decided not to serve the off duty officer and his 2 kids simply because he was an officer For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below 15 Year Old Boy Arrested For […]