Why is there a man in … Florida… who has half a head and the nickname Halfy?  His head was affected when he had an accident while on drugs.  Why was he arrested for setting his own bed on fire For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Mother Kills 8 […]

Why did police in Connecticut find 600 marijuana plants at a daycare? State inspectors were called because the house was in poor condition.   Police were denied access to the home daycare with a tall wooden fence so they got a warrant and found the plants that were 6 to 10 feet tall and worth […]

PA Man Resusitates Woman Who ODs On Herione He Sold FL Man Throws Alligator In Wendy’s Drive Thru Window Couple Arrested 9 Year Old Driving London By Stander Trips Suspect In Police Chase FL Wife Crashes Into Mistress

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When most of us hear the word “flakka,” images of the dreadlocked bae from Love & Hip-Hop come to mind, or, if you have a connection to Latino culture, you know it’s slang for skinny. But these innocuous definitions have nothing on the drug flakka currently wreaking much havoc on the state of Florida, the culprit […]

According to an investigator from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Atlanta, the toxicology screening for Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly is finished. They are reporting that he officially died from a fatal mixture of drugs in his system. According to TMZ, the investigator didn’t specify what drugs caused the fatal overdose, but as […]

Hours before Kris Kross rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly died of an apparent drug overdose, the ATL rapper was hanging out with his friends, recording songs and doing things that most rappers do late at night. In a video obtained by TMZ, Kelly is seen rapping along to a song of his into the camera […]

Funeral services are set for this week in Atlanta for Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly (Mac Daddy), who passed away last Wednesday from a suspected drug overdose. RELATED: Cocaine & Heroin Suspected in Death of Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly Murray Brothers Funeral Home in Southwest Atlanta confirmed to the AJC that it will hold […]

Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly (who rapped under the name Mac Daddy) may have died from a drug overdose. The Atlanta musician had reportedly been using a combination of cocaine and heroin the night before he died, according to a police report obtained by TMZ. Following his death, police spoke with Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly […]

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   Liz Trujillo, the fiancee of Public Enemy and “The Flavor Of Love” alum Flavor Flav, was rushed to the hospital after she began “acting strange”. It’s not clear…

After landing in the hospital after overdosing on aspirin and sleep aids a week ago, Fantasia has announced that she’s ready to get back to work. The “American Idol” winner will return to the spotlight on Aug. 24, when she performs on ‘Good Morning America,’ and then spend the next couple of weeks making other […]

Fantasia’s father Joseph Barrino tells RadarOnline.com that his daughter needs time but is a strong girl who will pull through with God’s help and the singer is once again caring for her young daughter Zion. Joseph Barrino says: “Zion was staying with both myself and her grandmother but she is back with Fantasia now. She […]