Federal jury approves first charges in Russia investigation Later today investigators looking into Russia’s interference with the Presidential election are expected to announce at least one indictment.  President Donald Trump has denied any collusion with Russia and calls this investigation a “witch hunt”       2-year-old denied kidney transplant rushed to emergency room A.J. […]

Political analyst are closely watching the November elections in Atlanta Political analyst are closely watching the turn out of early voting in the Atlanta Mayoral Race.  Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson  told public radio that he believes Atlanta has a good chance of electing a white Mayor. ” I think the enthusiasm is definitely on the […]


President Barack Obama again defended Colin Kaepernick's right to protest during CNN's presidential town on Wednesday night.


New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill revealed investigators will probe family, friends, social media, and Rahami's whereabouts to piece together the chain of events.

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The Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks staged protests during the National Anthem at a Sunday afternoon game in Miami.