Why did a teacher in Kentucky use sick leave in October to go on a cruise?  She told her principal that she was sick and kept her doctors appointments.  But the principal confronted her with her Facebook account showing her on the cruise ship For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link […]

Why was a man working at a Walmart in Ohio about to take shopping carts back into the store from the parking lot when he was attacked by a pet monkey that escaped from its owner?  A shopper caught the scene on video.  A woman ran up to the employee and the monkey yelling Let […]

Why is there a video of a woman steering her car with her feet while she is using both hands on her phone? The occupants of the car next to her said they were in her vicinity for about 20 minutes.  They honked and yelled at the woman who smirked and went right back to […]

Why did a Jewelry store in India get robbed by a monkey?  The store security camera shows a monkey throwing a piece of fruit inside the store.  The people in the store threw it back at the monkey… who came on into the store…  attacked a store employee, sat for 20 minutes then opened the […]