Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama turns 46 years old today, completing her first year as First Lady. Click here to see 46 things you didn’t know about Michelle Obama.

Barbara Walters named Michelle Obama the year's most fascinating person, in her one-hour special "Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People."

<strong>President Obama</strong> and wife Michelle were in <strong>Texas</strong> today to meet with victims of the <strong>Fort Hood</strong> tragedy and to take part in the <strong>memorial</strong>. <!--more-->

<strong>Michelle Obama</strong> has talked about her roots in <strong>South Carolina</strong> before, but a recent <strong>New York Times</strong> article revealed that the First Lady's ancestry can also be traced back to <strong>Rex, Georgia</strong> in <strong>Clayton County</strong>. Click below to read this amazing story! <!--more-->