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My #WCW is a 2012 Mollydooker Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love. It’s a sinewy, lithe and expressive wine with red berry and black cherry flavors. Mmmmm….Good!!! Salud

My #WCW is 2011 Prats and Symington Douro Chryseia. It’s an elegant and monolithic red, powerful wine; with hints of red plum, raspberry and dark currant flavors. This wine is extremely good! Mmmm…Salud!

Yes! It’s that time again and my #WCW is a vintage 2012 Chocolate Block. This South African wine is tweaked from vintage to vintage to best reflect the season and the ancient vines of great character that are an integral part of the wine’s charm and personality. Salud!

My #WCW is this 2013 Les Hauts de Lagarde. It’s a rich, full and a well-balanced wine that has a good mixture of herbaceous, fresh citrus and pineapple.

My #WCW is a 2012 Vintage Rombauer Zinfandel

My #WCW is Rosa Regale it is a sweet, aromatic wine, winemaking techniques are also essential to preserve the grapes’ elegant scent.

My #WCW Wine Crush Wednesday is a 2011 Durigutti Malbec  

My #WCW is a 2009 Red Bicyclette Syrah, Syrah is a deep purple-to-black in color with violet accents. This wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, from savory fillet mignon and grilled pork chops to tomato-based pasta entrees, such as lasagna.

The pick of the week is a 2008 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel. It’s a red wine that I love!

Pick of the week Robertson Sweet Red. It’s from South Africa and it’s very sweet.