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Keyshia Cole may have been kicked to the curb by the folks at Luster's Pink, Smooth Touch Relaxer. Word is that Keyshia lost out on millions that she would have received from the campaign with the Luster's Brand hair product company.

Someone is trying to make some cash by pretending they’re our girl Keyshia Cole. Bossip.com posted a new song by who they thought was Keyshia titled “Only With You” and it turns out it’s a fake.

Keyshia Cole was ripped apart by a judge in New Jersey yesterday. Cole was being sued by an event promoter who claims she blew off an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front. The judge not only ruled against Cole, but she blasted the singer, saying Cole’s testimony was “confused and at times nonsensical.”

Keyshia Cole gave birth to her baby last night!!! According to mediatakeout.com, the singer delivered her first child. While the sex and name of the baby have yet to be announced, both Keyshia and her baby are doing fine!

Keyshia Cole’s big sister Neffe’s is bringing a new look for the 2nd season of “The Frankie n Neffe Show!” It looks like she’s lost all of that baby weight. Take a look here.

The Keyshia Cole drama just keeps on coming. MediaTakeOut.com received an “official” statement from Keyshia Cole’s sister Elite, and from the looks of it she’s not happy that she was cut off.

In response to rampant rumors swirling around her family, pregnancy and engagement to Cleveland Cavaliers baller Daniel Gibson, Keyshia Cole has released a statement. Click here to see what she has to say.

Speaking to US Weekly, Keyshia Cole’s publicist confirmed the “rumors” of her pregnancy and engagement to Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Monica let the cat out of the bag about the sex of Keyshia Cole’s baby. She is having a boy! Monica tweeted the news because she, too, has a baby boy.