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Jamie Foxx is allegedly snubbing his biological father who is dying. The “Django Unchained” star biological father would like to reconnect, but apparently Jamie isn’t…

Comedian Katt Williams is known for speaking his mind and ruffling feathers. This time the controversial comic has targeted Jamie Foxx. During a recent show (so much for that retirement), Katt called out Jamie for allegedly being gay. “I know all the comedians and actor’s secrets. Who’s gay? Jamie Foxx,” Katt said. “I can tell […]

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes recently interviewed “Django Unchained” stars Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and director Quentin Tarantino about their Golden Globe-nominated and highly-anticipated film. See “Django…

In an interview with MTV News, Jamie Foxx was nothing but supportive of Frank Ocean. The multi-talented entertainer and Oscar winner said about Ocean’s recent revelation about his sexual orientation: “Elton John did it. For Frank Ocean to do it and be hip-hop and black, he’s breaking ground, and kudos to him. At the end […]

When word got out that Quentin Tarantino’s next film would be a revenge tale starring Jamie Foxx as a slave-turned-bounty hunter, the buzz surrounding Django Unchanined started immediately. The trailer for the film just hit the Internet and we must say it looks amazing! In the film, Foxx sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry […]

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Via: Entertainment Weekly The song “Unchain My Heart” meant something very different when Jamie Foxx re-created it in 2004’s Ray, but you could argue the title applies in a strange and more sinister way in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming revenge western Django Unchained. The bond Foxx wants to break this time around is not a bad […]

(via TMZ) Fact is indeed stranger than fiction.  Shamont Lyle Sapp–a prisoner serving time in Oklahoma for 10 bank robberies–has filed a lawsuit against Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry claiming that he gave them the idea for “Skank Robbers” but was cut out of the project.  According to court documents, Sapp says he came up […]

Michael K. Williams is an actor who is destined to go far. He’s mostly known for his role on “The Wire” as Omar Little, but his portrayal of Chalky White on “Boardwalk Empire” is winning him more acclaim. On the other hand, “Boardwalk Empire’s” busy shooting schedule has kept Williams from taking a part in […]

(via CNN ENTERTAINMENT) At the L.A. premiere of Horrible Bosses last week, actor Jamie Foxx shared his thoughts on his upcoming project Django Unchained.  Written and (soon to be) directed by Quentin Tarantino, Foxx will play Django, a freed slave who with the help of German bounty hunter  (Christopher Waltz), sets off on a mission […]

Jamie Foxx, Garcelle Beauvais and a host of celebs attended an event to raise money for The Little Princess Foundation in Los Angeles. Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Sing At The Mosley vs. Pacquaio Fight [VIDEO] Garcelle & Tatyana At Hot Hollywood Party: Who Looked Hottest? [PHOTOS]

Kanye West recently performed at the Red Granite Party during this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. Kanye brought out singer Jamie Foxx as his surprised guest, and the two randomly performed one of my favorite Kanye songs of all time, “Gold Digger”. Check out footage of Yeezy and Jamie Foxx performing at the party below! […]

will.i.am and Jamie Foxx have recorded a new duet for the soundtrack of the animated film Rio. Their collabo, “Hot Wangs (I Want To Party)” definitely has the sound of Brazil running through it.