The defendants claim they suffered psychological damage and were denied medical attention when Fox taped the hit show at their detention center.


Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced that the four prison guards who were allegedly tied to Darren Rainey’s death won’t face any charges.

Why was a woman in .. Florida…  arrested at a massage parlor?  She offered to give a happy ending to a person after giving them a massage!  Oh did I tell you she is 70 For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Decimal Point Error Gets Teen Way Over Paid […]

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Suge Knight is constantly in trouble with the law (and the streets), but the rap mogul just got some good news while in the slammer.

A video reveals what led to Michael Sabbie's death in jail. Sabbie told corrections staff at least 19 times that he couldn't breathe.

Though Chris was arrested for the incident, it seems there's no evidence to prove any of it ever happened.

Kendall isn't the only young woman in the family with a stalker on her heels.

Underserved women are affected the most, according to the study. Approximately two-thirds of women in jail identify with a minority group; 44 percent are Black, 15 percent Hispanic, and five percent are of other racial/ethnic backgrounds. Thirty six percent of women in jail identify as White.

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

Why was a man working at a Walmart in Ohio about to take shopping carts back into the store from the parking lot when he was attacked by a pet monkey that escaped from its owner?  A shopper caught the scene on video.  A woman ran up to the employee and the monkey yelling Let […]

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