Hollywood Divas

Countess and Paula's friend Carmen called each other out on being shady.

Let's just hope by the time Keshia's baby girl makes it into the world, all this mess is settled.

Golden Brooks and Countess Vaughn had a long overdue conversation where they squashed their beef...at least for now.

Paula's shady comedienne friend talked a lot of smack about the divas during a standup routine. It didn't go over well.

Malika and Countess have some unfinished business while Paula and the crew seem to have made up for now.

Actress Malika Haqq who's best known for her role in "ATL" as well as her friendship with Khloe Kardashian is taking a "leap of faith" by joining the new season of TV One's hit series, "Hollywood Divas".

Actress, choreographer and star of "Hollywood Divas", Elise Neal is about to break the internet with a shocking new photo.

Countess Vaughn has enough confidence for all of us.

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