Why has a man from … Florida… earned the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of its kind.  Why did the man amass 1277 pieces of fossilized poop?  The largest piece in his collection is a little over 4 pounds.  That piece nicknamed “Precious” is millions of years old and was made by a […]

Why was a woman in Massachussetts having stomach cramps? Why did she go tho the hospital thinking she had an ovarian cyst?  A first ultrasound revealed she was 15 weeks pregnant then a second ultrasound revealed she was more like 36 – 38 weeks along.  The woman pregnant and had no idea For more information […]

Why is there a Christian Author who says female masturbation is a direct path to Satan.  He wrote in his new book that sex toys are used in Demonic rituals For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Australian Man Looses 70lbs On Potato Only Diet Semi Truck Spills Sausage On Highway […]

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  It seems Rihanna is living up to her bad gyal  reputation. She was recently hit with a lawsuit for not paying for the extravagant…

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  Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper’s Grandma Betty told TMZ, “He screwed up big time and it’s his mess to clean up. [Riley] brought it upon himself and he…