The coronavirus epidemic is changing the calendar for schools, businesses, and now the government at large. Georgia officials have postponed the March 24th presidential primary due to the spread of COVID-19. The election will now take place May 19th. Georgia now becomes the second state to postpone their election due to concerns over the spread […]

  Beware of gas station robbery tactics Police say criminals have a new trick at area gas stations.  They use a decoy to detract the victim to lure the driver away from their vehicle.  In less than 3 seconds criminals are able to steal any material possessions. i.e. (cell phone, purse, wallet, vehicle)     […]

Nathan Deal has been re-elected Governor of Georgia after defeating Jason Carter. RELATED: Midterm Election’s Implications On Pres. Obama’s Final Two Years In Office President Obama Talks to Cafe Mocha About Midterms: “This is Our Chance to Make a Big Difference” [EXCLUSIVE] The 4 Biggest Reasons Every Woman Needs to Vote President Obama on Midterms: […]

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed an executive order Monday morning that could send the National Guard to Ferguson. He wrote in a statement posted to his official Web site…

This is a major election year! Georgia could get a new governor, and new lawmakers who could actually make changes about issues that matter – like health care, jobs and the Stand Your Ground law! Several important races are on the ballot including the Governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. Reps, Secretary of State, State Superintendent, all […]

Former Gov. Roy Barnes successfully completed the first step of his political redemption tour Tuesday, handily winning the Democratic nomination for his old job. Now Barnes can raise money and bide his time, waiting for Republican voters to decide in the Aug. 10 runoff whom he will face in November.

President Barack Obama plans to meet Thursday with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer — their first face-to-face since the governor signed the state’s controversial immigration reform law. The president has called the Arizona law misguided.