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Not many things grab my attention at 8am, but as I scrolled down my Facebook timeline the NY Mag headline, “Every Single Woman in America…

With the Oscar’s taking place this Sunday, and “The Help” receiving 3  nominations, we take a look back at black female Oscar winners and nominees…

Gabourey Sidibe and Eddie Murphy get their flirt on in the upcoming action comedy Tower Heist. Employees of a luxury hi-rise building conspire to reclaim their pension funds that were stolen in a Ponzi style scheme by duplicitous corporate mogul Arthur Shaw.  Odessa Montero (Gabourey Sidibe) a feisty Jamaican housekeeper, is recruited for her safe-cracking […]

Actress Gabourey Sidibe was not shy at all when it came to exposing her real feelings about Eddie Murphy, her co-star in “Tower Heist.” She was quoted as saying at recent press conference for the movie, “Have I ever had a real crush on Eddie Murphy? I don’t know if you’ve seen him in ‘The […]

Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller lead an all star cast in the upcoming comedy, Tower Heist.  When Wall Street tycoon Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) is put under house arrest for stealing billions of dollars from his investors, the staff at his luxurious hi-rise condominium band together for revenge after finding out their pensions were lost […]

Gabourey Sidibe sat down with Conan O’Brien to talk about having a dressing room full of people who would “do” Conan, molesting Joey Fatone’s hand, and more. They seem to be having a lot of fun but did I hear someone do a Urkel snork? I am sure it was Gabourey. Check out the video […]

Gabourey Sidibe is set to star alongside Eddie Murphy in the forthcoming action-comedy movie, ‘Tower Heist.’ The film, also starring Ben Stiller, follows employees at a luxurious block of apartments who are scammed out of their pensions by one resident.

Gabourey Sidibe clearly isn’t the only talented member of her family! Her mother, Alice Tan Ridley, who has spent years singing in the New York City subway system, brought the house down with her rendition of the classic “At Last” last night on “America’s Got Talent.”

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. One of the funniest sketches from the show had Sidibe playing a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," which featured SNL cast member and Atlanta native Kenan Thompson playing celebrity guest host Steve Harvey!

Actress Gabourey Sidibe is well aware that most people know her from her breakout role in Precious, but she understandably wants to make it clear to people that she’s not her troubled, abused character. What better place to make the distinction than the "Saturday Night Live" stage?

Despite Howard Stern’s controversial remarks that the Gabourey Sidibe will have trouble getting more work in Hollywood because of her size (Howard Stern Goes In On Oprah & Gabourey Sidibe), a source has exclusively revealed that the Precious Oscar nominee is going to be hosting an upcoming episode of "Saturday Night Live!"

Jamie Foxx & his Foxxhole Radio crew came out with guns blazing as they fired back at shock jock Howard Stern. It all started when the Foxxhole Radio crew went at Howard and his team for comments Stern made in regards to Gabourey Sidibe’s weight, health, and future (or lackthereof) in Hollywood.