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President Barack Obama was on The Steve Harvey Morning Show today expressing his gratitude for the determination, hard work, political maturity and volunteering of his supporters during the 2012 Presidential Election. President Obama also explained the looming fiscal cliff crisis that he’s working to avoid. Listen to the interview with Steve and President Obama below: RELATED: […]

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Steve Harvey let presidential loser Mitt Romney have it on the “Be Aware” segment of the Steve Harvey Morning Show! Steve was responding to a conference call Romney had with supporters where he claimed President Obama was only re-elected because Obama gave a bunch of “gifts” to key Democratic voting blocks like African-Americans, Hispanics and […]

When Usher showed up to vote at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building in Roswell this week, election officials allowed the pop superstar to jump to the front of the line, angering many Fulton County voters already in line to cast their ballots. Fulton County election officials are defending their decision to let Usher skip the […]

In a riveting and extremely moving moment at campaign headquarters in Chicago, the newly re-elected 44the President of the United States, Barack Obama, thanked staffers and volunteers for their extraordinary commitment to him and to changing the country. President Obama talked about his early days in Chicago as a community organizer, telling the rapt audience […]

Voters in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia have approved a constitutional amendment that gives the state more authority to create and approve charter schools. The amendment, which had strong support and opposition, passed by a 58-to-42 margin on Election Night. Supporters of the measure argued that its passage would mean more opportunities for […]

Congratulations to President Barack Obama being re-elected as our 44th president! In celebration, DJ Jay Ski put together some special Obama mixes! Check out “2nd Time Around” and “We Are One” below: RELATED: President Obama’s Victory Speech: “The Best Is Yet To Come” [VIDEO] Barack Obama Wins Re-Election As 44th President Of United States! Beyonce […]

President Obama addressed the nation and gave a rousing victory speech last night in Chicago, after 1am EST, shortly after Mitt Romney’s concession speech in Boston. While many polls showed the race to be close, President Obama won re-election by a wide margin, capturing the crucial swing states of Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and likely Florida […]

President Barack Obama was re-elected president on Tuesday after a hard fought battle with Republican nominee Mitt Romney. President Obama tweeted the following: We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 7, 2012 Visit Newsone.com for complete coverage! RELATED: Beyonce Pens […]

Check out footage of Tall Boy with Junior from the Steve Harvey Morning Show on election day! RELATED: Beyonce Pens Handwritten Letter To President Obama President Barack Obama Encourages Citizens To Vote [EXCLUSIVE]

Election Day is finally here and Beyonce is reminding the world that she supports President Barack Obama. The pop superstar, who serenaded President Obama and First Lady Michelle at the president’s inaugural ball, posted a handwritten letter on Monday to the president on her website praising his leadership and expressing her support. “Everyday we see your heart and […]

Jay-Z has been a consistent supporter of President Barack Obama since his run to the White House in 2008. Four years later Hov has been busy helping the Pres extend his stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. During a rally yesterday in the swing-state of Ohio, Jay-Zperformed a rendition of “99 Problems” were he subbed out the […]

If you registered in the State of Georgia, be sure to check your Voter Information/Status on the Georgia Secretary of State’s “MVP” Site to ensure everything is accurate! All you have to do in enter your name, date of birth and county where you registered then you will be taken to a screen that lists […]