Why is there a Vietnamese – Austrailian Man who had his Facebook account shut down several times because people thought he was using a fake and offensive name…  So he posted an image of his passport online…. His name is Fook da Bick…  but it is spelled… P-h-u-c   D-a-t   B-i-c-h GUN TV Will […]

Why did a man in Pittsburgh get arrested for shooting and killing the mother of his child… The woman had 8 children…  The man reportedly asked her to reimburse him for diapers and baby wipes because that money was for weed…. FUNK DAT!!!! Listen:   For Information On Today’s Funk Dat Stories: Wrestling Coach Fakes […]

Why did a 77 year old grandmother in Tacoma Washington wake up to  three burglars in her house…  and it was caught on camera…. One of the men had a crowbar…   and when she woke up, walked out and hollered… “get the hell outta here”….  the men broke and ran… only getting away with […]

Why is there a Chemical engineer who has not taken a shower since around 2003… he sprays himself with amonia oxidizing bacteria to keep himself smelling fresh….  he got the idea from seeing a horse rolling in dir For more information on the Funk Dats, click each link below Man Has NOT Taken Shower In […]

Why did a Compton rapper named Teriq Royal get shot with a fragment from an AK47…. pull out his smart phone and make a video selfie that he posted on social media…. he said “I guess I’m a rap n—a now…..” Funk Dat Listen To Funk Dat:       For Details On Funk Dat […]

  Dudes and Dead Deer In A Mini Cooper http://www.wlox.com/story/27994777/drunken-deer-hunt-ends-with-two-arrests-dead-deer-in-compact-car?clienttype=generic&mobilecgbypass Toddler Shoots Parents http://www.abqjournal.com/534611/news/two-shot-at-ne-abq-motel.html Cop With Gun Drawn Stops Teen Snowball Fight http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2935256/New-Rochelle-cop-pulls-gun-teens-having-snowball-fight.html Kitchen Knife Circumcision http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ocala-circimcision-20150201-story.html  

Newly freed R&B singer Chis Brown better hope nobody involved in his assault case is a fan of gossip sites, otherwise Breezy could be facing…

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom admits to relapsing last week during the filming of that weird freestyle video where he seems to be saying he cheated…

  TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber posted a video of himself trying to record a flick for the new Instagram video service. It seems…

Rihanna got drunk a few nights ago, molested two females at a club and then took to her Twitter page to apologize. The “Rude Boy” singer apparently blacked out and had to be escorted out the club and carried back to her hotel. Check out her tweets below: Rihanna Lashes Out At MTV Over Fake […]

Bobby Brown took a flight from Aruba to Miami, but he may have no recollection of it. The singer was on his way back to Miami from Aruba recently with his wife Alicia Etheridge and son Cassius, and eyewitnesses allege Bobby was super drunk on the American Airlines flight. We’re guessing Bobby was still in […]