Why was a former Beauty Queen from Texas celebrating her birthday when a man offered to buy her and her girls a drink… he somehow slipped a bluetooth device that is used to track keys and wallets… into her purse…  he also hacked her phone and called her… facetimed her…  and sent her in appropriate […]

Why did a man in Oregon who owns a pet store… get arrested for using store funds and money from a donation jar to pay a hooker and he tipped the woman with an animal called a bush baby For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Man Arrested For DUI […]

Why is it illegal in Arizona to have a potluck outside of work… A few years ago the state legislature passed a law to regulate food to safety regulations…. but exempted noncommercial social events at work.  They did not exempt schools, churches and homes….   So if you have a homecoming event at church where everybody […]

Why did a man in Pittsburgh get arrested for shooting and killing the mother of his child… The woman had 8 children…  The man reportedly asked her to reimburse him for diapers and baby wipes because that money was for weed…. FUNK DAT!!!! Listen:   For Information On Today’s Funk Dat Stories: Wrestling Coach Fakes […]

James Robertson’s story went viral as soon as the first reporter submitted the story. He’s the 56-year-old Black man who walks 21 miles five days…

  Detroit resident James Robertson’s commute to work just became a bit easier. For 10 years Robertson would walk 21 miles to his factory job…

For the past 10 years, Detroit resident James Robertson has walked 21 miles without fail to his Rochester Hills, Michigan factory job once his 1988 Honda Accord…

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  You can’t make this kind of stuff up. A porn star has broken his penis for the second time and is seeking donations to…


Join Majic 107.5-97.5 and Help A Mother In Need Enjoy A Special Mother’s Day!  Donate a Dress, Shoes and/or Toiletry Item!  Donating is Easy! Here is how you can get involved: Drop off at Action Ministries – 458 Ponce De Leon, Atlanta, GA 30308 Drop off at  Radio One Atlanta – 101 Marietta St, 12th Floor […]

Nearly a week after the devastating earthquake struck near Haiti’s capital, donations for relief efforts are still pouring in — in excess of $200 million. Charities, companies, individuals and celebrities across the U.S. have been rallying together in the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude quake last Tuesday, and their efforts are paying off.

As of Friday morning, Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti had raised more than $2 million from mobile giving, according to Albe Angel, CEO of Miami-based Give on the Go, the mobile-communications company working with the non-profit to coordinate donations.

Thanks to the people of metro <strong>Atlanta</strong> for providing <strong>donations</strong> to <strong>Hosea's Feed the Hungry and Homeless</strong>. Check out some <strong>pictures</strong> from our <strong>event</strong> at <strong>South DeKalb Mall</strong>.<!--more-->