If you lie on the CNN anchor, he has no problem putting your sexual harassment lawsuits on blast.


The all-Black panel got into a heated debate about HBCUs and Trump's proposed 2018 budget, which forced Rye to quote Outkast.

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CNN anchor Don Lemon is usually on the receiving end of social media snark because of comments he makes about race. But on Tuesday night, he was the one delivering sharp commentary while interviewing a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who intimated that “Second Amendment people” might be able to stop Hillary Clinton if she […]

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who has criticized Black Lives Matter and other activists for standing up for their rights, told The New York Times in a recent interview that if he weren’t a journalist, he would be a writer like James Baldwin, or an activist like Malcolm X. “I’d probably be a writer like James […]

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In an edition of the "No Lie Zone," Martin debunked the notion that Black Lives Matter Movement is devoid of an agenda.

Sadly, the 'I Don't F*ck With You' list continues to grow.

Donald Trump isn’t letting up from his statements on immigration, defending his disparaging comments in a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. The businessman has faced a…

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Don Lemon showed last night (June 22) he could stoop pretty low to show how misinformed he is. The quest to whittle away any remaining credibility…

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What defenders and some analysts aren’t understanding is that nine people died because of what the confederate flag represents. Don Lemon is a 49-year-old black man who…

Don Lemon is a troll. Much like the mouth-pursing bite of lemons, Don is a harsh flavor to ignore and it burns when he gets…

A series of selfies comedian Chris Rock posted to Instagram recently is continuing the conversation surrounding police encounters with African-Americans. The comedian shared photos of himself getting pulled over by…