Why is KFC in New Zealand offering a chicken scented candle complete with the Colonel’s smiling face on it For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Non-Profit Director Who Insulted FLOTUS Gets Job Back Woman Fakes Abduction To Get Back At Cheater Dads Confront Pastor Who Says Santa’s Not Real […]

Why did a woman in New Jersey eat a Popeye’s chicken and make a disturbing discovery? Why did she find what she claims to be a rat head in her meal For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Nude Man Breaks Into Home Bites Woman and Dies Unarmed Black Man […]

Why did a 3 year old girl from Arkansas climb into a washing machine and die and her mother got arrested? The mother who had taken anxiety drugs was asleep and the children were used to helping with the laundry.  The washer was programmed to switch on when the lid was closed For more information […]

Why did a mother of two say that her hobby is having plastic surgery done on herself.  She says she wants to look like a cartoon character For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below $5 Shoplifting Mentally Ill Man Died In Jail  Texas Woman Raped By Police Offered Taco Mother […]

Why did the TSA in Maryland stop a woman at security when they found a pair of shoes with realistic looking gun barrels for heels… and two bracelets lined with realistic looking bullets in her carry on bag… at BWI Airport… The TSA told her she could take the items in her checked bag For […]

Why did a Singapore Airlines 747 headed for Kuala Lumpur have 2000 goats on board…. why did the fire alarm system go off…..  and cause the jet to make an emergency landing… No fire or smoke was found…  but there was a whole lotta methane gas…  passed from those goats For more information on the […]

Why did a man from Iowa try to avoid a drunk driving charge by eating toilet paper before he took the breathalyzer test….   he was wearing a Halloween costume too…   a trench coat and a piece of cloth that looked like an appendage For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each […]

Why did a couple in… Florida….  have a lovely evening… the man was being arrested for an outstanding warrant… they refused to come out of the mobile home…. and prevented two other women from leaving… S.W.A.T. waited for 6 and a half hours…    they  said they wouldn’t come out of the trailer until they had relations […]

Why did a man in … Florida… get arrested for crawling under the library tables at Florida International Universityand smelling a woman’s feet… Funk Dat   That Funk Fettish… Listen for more Funk Dats Click Below To View Each Of The Funk Dat Stories Man Arrested for Smelling Feet! Mississippi Collapses and Passes Away In […]

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Sad news to report from the classic TV world as Ann B. Davis who played Alice on the classic hit show The Brady Bunch passed…

Rest in Peace…  DJ EZ Rock!  Rodney “Skip” Bryce