Pilar Sanders is ending 2012 by penning an open letter to the public in which she goes into great detail about allegedly being abused by soon to be ex-husband Deion Sanders. The couple is embroiled in one of the nastiest, most public divorces in recent memory. Pilar calls out Deion about his alleged affair with […]

In the latest divorce drama between Pilar and Deion Sanders, the former model is vowing to continue fighting for her children after losing custody of two of them — and claims she’s a “victim of Deion’s celebrity status.” According to Hip Hollywood, the couple’s sons had been living with Deion since late October and at […]

Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her Dallas home after her utilities were cut off for non-payment. Pilar — who is involved in a nasty divorce battle with former NFL player Deion Sanders — is having a hard time making ends meet, according to her publicist Kali Bowyer. According to Rumor Fix, […]