Why did police in Connecticut find 600 marijuana plants at a daycare? State inspectors were called because the house was in poor condition.   Police were denied access to the home daycare with a tall wooden fence so they got a warrant and found the plants that were 6 to 10 feet tall and worth […]

Why is there a 12 year old girl in India who has been living with a colony of ants living in her ear… doctors removed some ants…. and later removed more….  the girl complained of irritation but didn’t feel any major pain… and the ants left no apparent damage to her ear For more information […]

Why did an officer in uniform check on a door that was propped open…. the officer who is in his 20s… said once he walked in he was greeted with cheers by the guests who were mostly women….  Turns out it was a 50th birthday party and the guests thought he was a stripper Director Of Daycare […]

Why is a man from the UK…  named Pricasso…  he paints with his man part….  he paint’s portraits and more…. and he ‘s pretty good.  He really has some outstanding talent…. Funk Dat   Better not dip that brush in paint thinner….. Listen To Funk Dat:     For Details On Today’s Funk Dat Stories […]

  For more information on the Funk Dats, click below Athens Woman Weilds Machete Infant Bitten 27 Times At Daycare Black Women Book Club File Suit Against Napa Valley Wine Train TNT Scare Causes Denver Airport Evacuation Man Seen Stealing With Superman Shirt Caught Still Wearing It Spider Living In Woman’s Ear  

A day care in South Carolina is being investigated after a teenager shared a photo of her foot inside the mouth of a 7-month-old baby.

Saturday, March23: Noon-6pm: Burlington Court If your company or group offers summer activities for parents and children  18 and under, you are invited to participate in our Summer Camp Expo.  Applications are available online at http://www.ShopGreenbriar.com or at the Guest Service Center in the center of the Mall. All groups must register and submit registration fee of […]