In this episode of Couch Time With Big Ray, our host sits down with R&B singer Ursula. The California songbird talks about her journey going from songwriter to music artist.

Why was a mom in New York such a brutal horder that she lived with the remains of her dead son?  The legally blind woman’s sister in law was packing a bag to take to the hospital for the woman… whose house was packed with garbage.  She went to a second floor bedroom and found […]

Why did a funeral home in Chicago tell a woman they lost her mother’s body….  Is this her?  No… how about this lady….   No?…  She might have already been buried by mistake… FUNK DAT!!! Listen:   For information on today’s Funk Dat Stories: McDonald’s Employee Offers Homeless Man Food Then Throws Water In His […]

We would love to say we don’t know what we would do if we were ever in this situation but umm we don’t want to…

Oprah's couch, which has been a platform for dozens of celebrity apologies and explanations is reportedly off limits to John Mayer. reports that Mayer's unfortunate Playboy interview sealed the deal, as Mayer used the "N" word and revealed too much personal information regarding his past sexual conquests.