Why is the young lady who won the biggest lottery jackpot in North Carolina history wasting millions on her fiance’s drug charges….  the man , known as Hot Sauce…. was put back in jail for the third time in a year on Monday She has already spent 9 million on bail from the first 2 […]

Another house party. Another death. When will the violence end? Three teenagers were shot at a house party in Conyers, one of them died. Conyers police have two teenagers in custody for in the shooting, which killed 18-year old Daquavious Stephon Mapp, a student at Rockdale County High School.  A 15-year old was shot in […]

Just days after Jarmecca "Nikki" Whitehead was killed, many of her friends had already fingered a suspect, or suspects. Their suspicions were confirmed Friday when the Conyers beautician's twin daughters, Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah, were arrested and charged with murder in their mother's Jan. 14 death.