Why did an 86 year old woman in England get some money out of the ATM?  She was approached by another woman wanting the money she has just gotten.  The elderly lady grabbed a package of bacon and repeatedly hit the other woman in the head until she ran off For more information on the […]

Why is there a lady from Virginia who will turn 100 years old this Saturday?  You know what she wants to do for her birthday?  She wants to Pole Dance For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below DeKalb Baby Shot Mother’s Day Cemetery Fight Woman Sues Dating Website For Connection […]

There are some folks who refuse to allow Michael Clarke Duncan to rest in peace. Recently, it was discovered that the actor’s grave had been…

<strong>Graves</strong> of generations of African-Americans -- some dating back to the mid-1800s -- are being <strong>moved</strong> from the middle of a landfill in <strong>College Park</strong> to a public cemetery in <strong>Riverdale</strong>.<!--more-->