car pool conversation

    You just got a promotion…Your first task is to let go one of your friends to save the company money.  What do you do?  Please post your comments below:

  Name 3 things that describe “Old School” to you.   Please post your comments below    

  When it comes to situations in your life is it Luck or God?  Please post your comments below

  Your child gets accepted into a prestigious university & you can’t afford it, How do you proceed?  Please post your comments below

  Is it appropriate for a pastor to use lyrics from hip hop songs? Please post your comments below.      

  If you are not married and you are open and honest with all parties involved, is it alright to kick it with several parties of the opposite sex?  Please post your comments below!

  After reviewing the movie Tent City on Netflix;  What is the solution for the lack of jobs? Do you have any?  Please post your comments below

  You have children… But you have NEEDS! How long before your lover spends the night? Please post your comments below.

  Describe your date from hell…Please post your comments below

  You are a veteran with your company…Your company merges with another…Your new boss is young & new to their position…How do you proceed?  Do you leave?  Please post your comments below

  Should married couples hang with single people?  Please post your comments below!