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TQ’s Black Business Spotlight Today we shine the light on The Cookie Doll in the Black Business Spotlight.  Here is a bit of background about the owner Ebony; ​ a cookie junky and Cookie Monster can’t compete with the insatiable sweet tooth that I have. My passions are God, my family, baking, my dialysis patients, […]

TQ’s Black Business Spotlight   Today the spotlight continues to shine on the Kyvan Foods, which specializes in honey apple BBQ sauce,  honey apple butter and honey apple salsa.  Available at Walmart and many other stores. KYVAN Foods is a destination for unique, great tasting salsas, sauces and seasonings with a mission to grow our business […]

  TQ the Queen’s Black Business Spotlight   Today I am highlights a young woman who made history to become the first woman with autism in the country to open her own beauty beauty bar!  Aaliyah Alicia Thompson opened Aaliyah Beauty Bar in Stockbridge, GA  Aaliyah Beauty Bar specializes in makeup, locs, and braids.  Follow […]

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