“Braxton Family Values” fans will get to see Tamar overwhelmed with grief when hubby Vincent Herbert is hospitalized. We all knew that Vince was in the hospital but tonight, viewers will learn that Vince Herbert went into a coma. The situation was so serious that Tamar was asked by doctors to sign “a lot of […]

Marriage problems. Those two words pretty much sum up last night’s entire episode of “Braxton Family Values”. Ironically, Tamar and Vince head to Chicago to speak at a relationship seminar, but argue the whole way there. They both get on each other’s nerves as Vince tells Tamar that they’re moving in a few weeks which […]

We were introduced to Towanda Braxton via “Braxton Family Values,” a reality show showcasing songstress Toni Braxton and her four sisters who have proven to be closer than a tight knitted scarf. Trina, Towanda, Tamar, Toni and Tracey, let us into their lives filled of real world problems such as: relationship woes, family issues and […]

On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” we learned exactly what an “oral transaction” was but since we’re a family site, I’ll leave that definition up to your imagination. After hearing about Gabe’s infidelity towards Trina on last season, it’s surprising to hear that Trina has been dipping outside of her marriage too. She […]

The girls are still trying to hook Mama Ev up  on blind dates! On this week’s episode of “Braxton Family Values,” Towanda decided to try and hook her mother up with one of her friends. The only problem is that this guy is super young, 27 years old to be exact. “Where is his Daddy […]

On this episode of “Braxton Family Values”, we get to see Tamar’s first recording session with Harvey. After searching for a song that she thinks will be right for her, she stumbles across a track with Lil Wayne rapping on it and decides that BOOM! this was the right track for her. Tamar calls her […]

The rumors were already out there, and now WE tv has officially announced that the network has greenlit the original series Tamar & Vince (working title) for its 2012 programming slate. The series will showcase Tamar Braxton and husband Vincent Herbert as they navigate their hectic lives, from Tamar’s solo album to Vince’s busy career […]

Trina Braxton’s husband Gabe was caught virtually cyber cheating and spilling the Braxton family tea to a female on twitter.  The woman claims she has 10 videos of Gabe talking ish about the Braxton family and even posted one with Gabe pleasuring him via Skype (which has since been removed). The Top 5 Travel Activities […]

Say what!? Mama Ev is dating someone?!!  Last night on the “Braxtons Family Values”, the girls found out that their mom was jumping back in the dating game! Towanda and Trina grill their mom until she finally agrees to go on a double date with Trina and her husband.  While on their double date, Mama […]

Reality star Toni Braxton stopped by Anderson Cooper to promote the second season of “Braxton Family Values.” The R&B singer chatted about living the single life in L.A. with her two sons and when asked about her love life, admitted that she was “playing in the snow.”  Clearly baffled by the terminology,  Cooper asked her […]

With the new season of Braxton Family Values only days away from its season 2 premiere, the Braxton sisters Trina and Traci are on the promotion trail. They recently visited WGCI, WGN, Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Power 92 and NBC Chicago, before closing the day at an intimate dinner at Sweet Water Tavern & Grille with […]

With the premiere of the second season of “Braxton Family Values” right around the corner, another teaser has been released showcasing how INTENSE this season is going to be. The new season premiers on Thursday November 10 at 10:00 PM on WE TV and from the looks of things, it’s going to be full of […]