The Atlanta City Council is expected to approve Monday a leasing agreement with EUE/Screen Gems, Ltd., a film and television production company which plans to transform a portion of Lakewood Fairgrounds into the area's first state-of-the-art studio complex.

Forbes puts the city as No. 2 on its list of “America’s Most Miserable Sports Cities.” To find out why continue reading. <!--more-->

“The State of Metropolitan America,” compiled by the Brookings Institute, shows that Chicago has been surpassed by Atlanta, Georgia as the city with the second-largest black population in America.

Up to 300,000 people could be in Atlanta this weekend for the long list of events planned. From the revival of Freaknik, to Braves games, the Hawks play-offs and the Dogwood festival, the area will be packed with people. Click here for more info.

While there are no hard numbers, Atlanta police say they’ve seen a spike in applications for adult-entertainment permits in the past year or so. Like it or not, sex sells in Atlanta, where there are still more exotic and nude dance clubs in and around the city than anywhere else in the country, according to the Association of Club Executives, an industry trade group.

Atlanta has been named the gayest city in America. For more information on how Atlanta became the gayest city in America continue reading.

Kasim Reed took office Monday as Atlanta's 59th mayor, vowing to help small business owners and young people and provide better customer service for citizens. "We cannot face our future if we are facing off with each other," Reed said.

Kasim Reed became Atlanta's mayor today at a ceremony at the Atlanta Civic Center. Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol W. Hunstein conducted the swearing-in at the event that began with a song from the Howard University choir, Reed's alma mater.

In an extensive interview with Creative Loafing, Atlanta mayor-elect Kasim Reed lays out his vision for Atlanta, including battling the increase in crime, reducing the city's deficit and saving MARTA.

The <strong>Food Network</strong> cooking show host delivered <strong>25,000 pounds of hams</strong> to the <strong>Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless</strong> program but was caught off guard when a volunteer threw one her way.<!--more--> <!--more-->

In Atlanta, you'll find southern gentility, a world-class music scene -- and 21,000 tons of environmental waste. In spite of its charms, the city's combination of <strong>air pollution, contaminated land</strong> and <strong>atmospheric chemicals</strong> makes it the <strong>most toxic city in the country</strong>. <!--more-->

When <strong>voters</strong> go to the <strong>polls</strong> today, Atlanta voters will see smart, experienced, honest and hard-working candidates for mayor on the ballot: <strong>Kasim Reed, Lisa Borders, Jesse Spikes</strong> and <strong>Mary Norwood</strong>. Who will you be voting for?<!--more-->