Why did a woman in Venezuela struggle to carry a large pink suitcase away from prison?  Because her boyfriend who was serving a 9 year sentence for robbery was scrunched up inside!  The woman came to visit the man and had a tougher time leaving with the suitcase than when she arrived For more information […]

Why is there a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University that says people who consume excess amounts of fast food may become infertile….. The issues apparently come from the processing that goes into the food at fast food restaurants Woman Surrounded By Demons Man Brings Real Gun To Water Gun Fight Patient Jumps […]

Why did a man in Washington State attempt to cheat the carpool lane….  with a Zombie Baby Doll in the seat….  It didn’t fool the cops… it got him a fine of $136 dollars…   TSA Makes 90 Year Old Lady Strip Waist Up EMT Tries Saves 7 Year Old Girl Gets Suspended Hacker Group […]

Why did a man in Oregon order a teriyaki chicken sandwich from Subway and find a surprise…. the man turned and got his drink and the employees appeared shocked…  There was a dead mouse in the sandwich….  he was apparently in the container used for storing the spinach…. Funk Dat   Chicken Teriyaki…. not chicken, […]

  Whoa! According to TMZ, Scottie Pippen was throwing his hands up last night at Nobu Restaurant in Malibu, CA. And not in a “Throw ya…