50 Cent is weighing in on who has had the bigger impact on Hip Hop debate: Jay-Z or Eminem.

New York native, 50 Cent is ready to get back into the studio in 2023

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It looks like Tasha will have to deal with Tariq missing all on her own.

Vivica may always have love for 50, but she ain't no punk.

According to reports, Rick Ross owes about $5.7 million in back taxes from 2012 to 2014.

50 Cent takes petty to a new level, and the Empire cast ain't having it

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  50 Cent is the biggest instigator on the internet, but even he went too far this time. The actor/rapper/entrepreneur posted an actual timer counting down to his last child support payment for his son Marquise, whose mother is Shaniqua Tompkins. In case you forgot, Fiddy’s ongoing beef with Tompkins became so vitriolic that at […]

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Given his track record over the course of his career, it should come as no surprise that 50 Cent apparently still thinks he’s in grade school and continues to lash out and bully others in an attempt to make himself feel better. Whether it’s his constant target Diddy, rival TV show Empire, ex-girlfriend Vivica A. […]

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Kanan's friend Jukebox, from back in the day, is helping him get back to good health, and once he's 100% all hell will break loose.

Joseph Sikora and Lucy Walters, who play Tommy and Holly on Power, revealed the run-down on the latest season.