The most listened to mix in the city of Atlanta is always the #4thQuarterMix with Ryan Cameron Uncensored. And DJ Collipark NEVER disappoints with his blends, beats, & blazing music at 5:30 PM every weekday afternoon! Here’s the mix from today!

The 4th Quarter Mix is the BIGGEST mix in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. Today, DJ Feel X is in the mix and gave the city HEAT! Check it out below: Ryan Cameron Uncensored · 4th Quarter Mix – DJ Feel X Dec. 15th, 2020

Ryan Cameron just got into “Game of Thrones.” To commemorate him finally jumping aboard…Mr. Collipark has done a special mix! Make sure you check out Mr. Collipark’s 4th Quarter Mix…Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:20 p.m. ET streaming at, on the MAjic 1075 skill & Majic 975 skill on your Amazon devices or […]

The biggest mix? The best show in the city? It gets no better than this. Ryan Cameron. DJ Collipark. 4th Quarter Mix. LET’S GO!