Why is there a video on YouTube of a dog licking an extremely sour piece of candy?  The dog reacts like he is shocked and when he is asked if he wants another lick he clearly shakes his head to say NO!!! For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Math […]

Why did a train conductor in Spain clock out in the middle of a trip because his shift was over?  He repeatedly told headquarters that he would have to go into overtime but he got no response. He said he didn’t want to risk having an accident so he stopped the train and left 109 […]

Why was a mother and her 4 year old daughter in England at a McRestaurant… when the little girl found herself to be the butt of somebody’s prank…. the child was glued to the toilet seat For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below 4 Year Old Girl Glued To Seat […]

Why is there a great gift for the outdoorsman in your family… Amazon and Ebay are now selling Cow Poop… or Cow Dung Patties… Online!!!!  The S__t Cakes are selling like Hotcakes in India…. they are great for starting and fueling fires For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Trucker […]

Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” video is here! In the clip, Beyonce plays a bride-to-be reminiscing about a former love she’s grateful to have lost. She delivers each lyric with attitude and sass as she laughs at the ex who once disrespected her at a high school dance (wait ’til you see Bey go […]

Beyonce dropped her fourth album “4” today and we are giving you the chance to listen to it before you buy it (unless you already purchased it and just want to listen anyway). Top 4 Songs On Beyonce’s “4″ Album Beyonce Covers Cleo Magazine & Featured In Time

Beyonce has reassured us that she still is the baddest chick in the game! The promo pictures to her album 4 leaked to the Internets which show Bey in compromising positions and even sexier poses! First the entire album was leaked not the cover art…tighten up your circle Bey! Beyonce’s New Album “4″ Will Sell […]

A new track from Beyonce has hit the net, this time her highly anticipated collaboration with one-half of ATL’s finest, Andre 3000. The song “Party” is said to be produced by Kanye West and rapper/producer Consequence. On it, 3 Stacks raps, “Set the scene, 3000 degrees, I ain’t really worried about them f*ck n*ggas over […]

Beyonce covers Essence magazine’s July 2011 issue. And she’s all smiles as she talks the year that changed her life (as promised by the headline). With dark brows and a blonde bouffant she channels Old Hollywood, but modernizes it with her oversized ring – similar to that she rocked in her “Run The World (Girls)” […]

Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” will serve as the second single off her upcoming album, “4.” The midtempo, piano-driven track pours out like a sarcastic, thank you letter to a lover she’s grateful for no longer having in her life. The vengeful lyrics start off as a tale of karma (“what goes around, comes […]

 Beyonce has begun revealing the track listing to her upcoming album “4,” and we’ve just learned that OutKast’s Andre 3000 is featured on the album! Every hour on the hour, Bey discloses titles one by one via Facebook: 4. Best Thing I Never Had 5. Party (Featuring Andre 3000) 6. Rather Die Young 7. […]

Beyonce’s “4” album cover has been released! Beyonce goes topless, wearing only a fur vest and gold bangles; her blonde hair messy and her eyes smoky and smoldering. Her label home Columbia reports: “The album was recorded over a year between the spring of 2009 and the spring of 2010, while Beyoncé took time away […]