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The Ride

If you are longing for an impeccable fusion of musical bliss, comedic satire and iconic broadcasting, join us on the Ride ATL with Chubb Rock and SiMan Baby!

From 3pm – 7pm, Monday through Friday, our on-air talent caters to the listener’s sense of diversity with ratchet news on “Funk Dat,” car pool conversations, Chubb Rock’s Throwback Jam of the Day, and the Daily Music Challenge. Energetic and engaging describe the dynamics of the alliance between Chubb Rock and SiMan Baby.

Chubb Rock is a hip hop legend best known for his dedication to the community, ability to rock the crowd, and witty, intellectual personality. Chubb’s deep voice not only has the ladies swooning, but also commands the attention of the listeners and connects with the audience in a way that few others can. From interviewing celebrities to performing his own hits Chubb is well versed in the entertainment industry and it is exemplified on air!

SiMan Baby, the green eyed bandit, is a veteran broadcaster with 34 years of experience in controlling the airwaves and captivating his audience with his smooth, sultry voice. He hosts weekly live broadcasts from the hottest venues in the ATL and helps celebrate the listener’s birthdays, achievements and successes. His vivacious personality has made Si the king of the party scene for the grown and sexy!

They have much in common but they have interesting contrasts as well. They work very much like a pair of magnets.

They both are married… and love their wives….

They are both parents…. and love their children

Neither will hesitate to help their community…

Both will argue about who pays for lunch…

SiMan loves wearing suits…Chubb not so much

Chubb loves dogs….Si not so much

Si loves cruises….Chubb will do it but is just as happy hangin’ at his crib….

Si is a vegetarian….Chubb eats veggies with his meat

Both LOVE watermelon, cheese and vegetable juice….

Both are into gadgets….

Chubb is an Apple man….Si is an Android

Chubb is a Mac man….Si is a P.C.




Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock

When you think of hip-hop artists from the ‘90s, whose music spontaneously moves the crowd to the dance floor, Chubb Rock is one of a few that immediately come to mind. “Nineteen ninety Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene with a lean and a pocket full of green…” – his 1990 hit “Treat ‘Em Right” still elicits a great response from crowds.

Born Richard Simpson, on May 28, 1968, this former National Merit Scholar bounced onto the rap scene after dropping out of the prestigious Brown University. Since that time Chubb has gone on to create other chart topping hits including “Caught Up,” “Just the Two of Us” and “Ya Bad Chubbs.”

In an interview with Steve Harvey, comedian, actor, and host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Chubb Rock received high praise from Steve for strongly demonstrating his manhood with maturity, decorum and self-respect. He was also applauded, on air, by Michael Baisden, author, playwright, and former radio show host, for providing the listening audience with hip-hop music that our children can listen too with us, without lyrics filled with stories of violence, drugs, or other offensive behavior. After Chubb Rock’s performance on Michael Baisden’s Manhattan Anniversary Boat Ride, Baisden proclaimed that “Chubb turned the party out and was the highlight of the evening.”

You can also listen to Chubb Rock and the Needle Dropperz every Friday from 7pm to 9pm and on Authentic Caribbean every Saturday from 7pm to 9pm.



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