Out Of The Closet: 16 Gay Black Celebrities was originally published on

1. Raven-Symone

Raven-Symone Source:Getty

2. Andre Leon Talley

Andre Leon Talley Source:Getty

3. Djuan Trent

Djuan Trent Source:Getty

4. RuPaul

RuPaul Source:Getty

5. Angela Davis

Angela Davis Source:Getty

6. Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes Source:Getty

7. Michael Sam

Michael Sam Source:Getty

8. Mister Cee

Mister Cee Source:Getty

9. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Source:Getty

10. Jason Collins

Jason Collins Source:Getty

11. Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels Source:Getty

12. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Source:Getty

13. Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello Source:Getty

14. Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes Source:Getty

15. Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis Source:Getty

16. Don Lemon

Don Lemon Source:Getty

17. E. Denise Simmons

E. Denise Simmons Source:Getty

18. Emil Wilbekin

Emil Wilbekin Source:Getty

19. Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman Source:Getty

20. Le1f

Le1f Source:Getty

21. Alice Walker

Alice Walker Source:Getty

22. Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker Source:Getty