1. Travis

Travis Cure Source:Used with Permission

2. Chalee B

Chalee B Source:iOne

3. Tevin Baker

Tevin Baker Source:iOne

4. Papi Almighty

Papi Almighty Source:iOne

5. Chris Smith

Chris Smith Source:iOne

6. Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews Source:iOne

7. Shane Clark

Shane Clark Source:iOne

8. Carlito

Carlito Source:Instagram

9. Jeremy Leeks

Jeremy Leeks Source:Instagram

10. Christopher Joyner

Christopher Joyner Source:Instagram

11. Trill Clinton

Trill Clinton Source:Instagram

12. Lawrence Robinson

lawrence robinson Source:Instagram

13. Broderick Hunter

Broderick Hunter Source:Broderick Hunter IG

14. Stevie Baggs, Jr.

Stevie Baggs Source:Instagram

15. Quinten Barnard

quinten barnard Source:Instagram

16. LaDerrick

LaDerrick Source:LaDerrick IG

17. CJ Jones

CJ Jones Source:CJ Jones IG

18. Lucien

Lucien Source:Lucien IG

19. Royal G

royal g Source:iOne

20. Chad

Chad Source:Instagram

21. Steven Beck

Steven Beck Source:Instagram

22. Marcelin

Marcelin Source:Instagram

23. Rashad Omar

Rashad Omar Source:Instagram

24. Jacob

Jacob Source:Instagram

25. Chuck

chuck Source:IG

26. Lamar

Lamar Source:IG

27. Darius

Darius Source:IG

28. Tyson

tyson beckford Source:Used with Permission

29. Leezus

Leezus Source:IG

30. Desmond Sanders

Desmond Sanders Source:Desmond's IG

31. Joshua Benoit

Joshua Benoit Source:Joshua's IG

32. George Hill

George Hill Source:George's IG

33. Kevin Cesar Portillo

David McIntosh Source:David's IG

34. Kevin Cesar Portillo

Kevin Cesar Portillo Source:Kevin's IG

35. Donnell Blaylock Jr

Donnell Blaylock Jr Source: