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If you ever want to start a heated conversation, just ask a basketball fan who the greatest player of all-time is.

While you might hear a lot of people throwing the name LeBron James around, or some who believe without question that the late Kobe Bryant will forever reign on top, one name that has always been included in the GOAT conversation is Michael Jordan. However, it sounds like Dwyane Wade, an NBA icon in his own right, doesn’t believe the younger generation will hold MJ up as His Airness for much longer.


While making an appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast, Wade gave his candid and honest opinion when it comes to Jordan’s status as being the GOAT for most basketball fans. “We’re not gonna be the ones having a conversation about the GOAT,” he said in reference to the future of sports conversations, further adding, “Now it’s going to be the younger, younger, younger generation. And they’re gonna forget about Jordan like we forget about Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar].”

Although he gave Jordan props as the “first icon in basketball,” he used himself as an example to note that players in the league today are doing things on a way bigger level than both his and MJ’s generations in the NBA. He elaborated on this theory by adding, “I watch players play today and, like, I thought I was good … [but] they’re way better than me…The game continues to keep moving forward, and so we’re going to continue to see things we’ve never seen before. And the eyes are gonna get younger and younger.”


While Dwyane Wade makes a great argument for today’s players changing the game in ways never seen before, it can’t be denied that Jordan’s legcy exists beyond the scope of basketball — sports management, endorsement deals, athletic apparel and most notably sneakers are just some of the lucrative business deals he’s excelled at since retiring almost 20 years ago.

Take a look below at some of the social media reactions we spotted on whether MJ will always be looked at as the GOAT, and let us know your thoughts as well:



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1. Jordan will be forgotten in the GOAT conversation as soon as Ali, Babe Ruth, and Wayne Gretzky are.

via @TheSeph

2. and his game was a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the general nba fan and the jordan brand itself is something no nba player will ever come close to replicating dawg jordan is never being forgotten in the goat debate

via @StephFloater

3. @DwyaneWade BRO I see what cha sayin about GOATS being forgotten but one Up pointing index thing JORDAN WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN KNOW WHY ? (1) He’s a NBA OWNER (2) check his highlight views on YouTube that has anything to do with him and (3) THE SHOES DUDE ARE U OK? U trippin

via @all_jackpot

4. Jordan been retired for 20 years and still considered the GOAT by guys that we’re wearing diapers when he last played. Kareem was forgotten as someone as he was gone.

via @jay_pea619

5. Of course he will be forgotten, how naïve are you? Don Hutson was the best receiver of all time until Jerry Rice came along. Montana was the goat QB before Rodgers. Jabbar was the goat before Jordan. There will be another goat after Jordan.

via @Dankraft8

6. His point wasn’t only valid, it was the objective truth. Look how many younger guys already saying Bron the GOAT. In 20-30 years, Jordan will be forgotten like all the greats before him.

via @bfnkrumah_

7. He’s right. I’ve said this before but the goat will likely change with every generation. Majority if old heads who’ve watched since the 60s and 70s do say Kareem is the goat and in the future majority will say Lebron is the goat

via @Sageof6turtles

8. As long as jordan brand makes 4 million dollars every 5 hours he will never be forgotten and always the GOAT

via @geokat24

9. Did D wade @DwyaneWade bump his head! #jordan is a Brand not just a Goat! This generation and to the next five generations will be wearing Jordans! He will never be forgotten!! You will tho

via @Cita408

10. Jordan will never be forgotten in the GOAT “debate”. Ya know… BECAUSE HE’S THE GOAT!

via @WhyTouche