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Tamron Hall Halloween Costume

Source: The Tamron Hall Show / The Tamron Hall Show

It’s Halloween, and we couldn’t be more excited!  While most people are looking forward to the parties, the haunted houses, the candy, and whatnot – we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the epic celebrity costumes!  In the past, celebrities have wowed us with their creative renditions of movie characters, other celebrities, etc.  So it’s only right for us to expect them to turn their Halloween costume swag up 1,000 more times this year.

A few celebrities have jumped ahead of the game and have posted their Halloween looks to their Instagram pages already, and if this is how they are coming for Halloween 2021 – we are in for a real treat (or trick)!  From model Tabria Majors’ amazing recreation of Ciara’s throwback videos and looks to rapper Nia Kay as rapper The Brat herself, these celebrities are slaying Halloween…and it’s only right we give them their props.  Check out the celeb costumes that have us in a trance below!

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1. Bryon Javar as Dennis Rodman

Shout out to celebrity stylist Bryon Javar for taking us back to this 1996 epic wedding picture of Dennis Rodman.  Bryon nailed this look from the hair on down to the dress.  Two snaps and a clap for Bryon’s costume for sure! 

2. Lizzo as Dani Ardor from the horror film ‘Midsommar’

We are not sure if Lizzo was heading to a Halloween party, but if she was – she killed it!  This black, gray, and white floral look by Thom Browne screams stylish spooky! 

3. Natalie Nunn as Lil Kim

This famous Lil Kim 1999 VMA’s look never gets old! When celebrity stylist Misa Hylton put this look on Lil Kim that day, we are sure she had no idea she was making history! The Bad Girls Club star absolutely slaughtered this look!  

4. Megan Thee Stallion as Hellraiser

There is no doubt that Megan Thee Stallion is definitely raising hell as the Hellraiser in this costume.  Wow!  Leave it up to Megan to make a scary character look absolutely sexy!  From her outfit to her makeup, she ate!

5. Tamron Hall as Cardi B

And the winner is….Tamron Hall! We know Cardi B has to be somewhere tickled by this costume because Tamron worked this look!  She did an excellent job of portraying a pregnant Cardi B at the BET awards.  Some of her followers even thought she was pregnant!  If we had a top 5 costume list for 2021, this would definitely be on it.   

6. Tabria Majors as Ciara

Tabria Majors made our mouths drop with her rendition of “Goodies” and 1″, 2 Step” by Ciara.  She nailed every part of these videos, and we are still in awe of her dancing skills.