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10 Children's Books Every Black Child Should Own

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Reading is a productive activity that can benefit everyone, especially children. It helps cultivate the imagination, builds vocabulary, reduces stress, and enhances knowledge and social skills. Reading to your children is imperative, and it helps even more if they can relate to what they read and see in the books.

In a society that is hyper-focused on the majority population, we must constantly reiterate to Black kids how vital their essence is in this world. And it’s easy to do that when we create art that resembles their existence. I remember growing up and marveling at the few toys, television shows, and books that honored my Black features. And I’m reminded of this feeling of acceptance whenever I choose a toy or book for my Black son to indulge in. I want my child to understand that the world is diverse and made up of all kinds of wonderful people, and I also want to make sure he sees himself.

Children’s Books for Black Kids

I collected books for my son before he was born. I couldn’t wait to nestle him in my arms and expose him to words, pictures of animated characters, and children that resembled his world. While we have our favorite book we love to read, new ones are popping up that I can’t wait to introduce to him.

There was a time when books and art resembling our children were scarce. Nowadays, it’s easier to find children’s paraphernalia that honors Black kids. There are cartoons, toys, learning mechanisms, books, and more that capture Black culture beautifully. And below are ten children’s books that your mini-me would benefit from. Check them out!

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1. Everybody Let’s Get Cookin’

Everybody Let’s Get Cookin’ aims to teach our kids about the importance of eating healthy and practicing good kitchen hygiene. It also gives tiny readers insight into hunger and food insecurity.

2. Ehsan Goes To Paris

Ehsan Goes To Paris illustrates a multicultural view of traveling abroad from a Black and Samoan boy’s perspective. The authors want to stress the importance of education through travel and normalize Black children (specifically males) exploring the world. 

3. Bedtime, Sleep Time, Nighttime, Dreamtime

Bedtime, Sleep Time, Nighttime, Dreamtime focuses on the importance of creating a routine for your little one and highlights the value of reading, gratitude, imagination, and aspiration.

4. Little Happies

Helping our children understand their emotions is crucial, and Little Happies encourages them to find their happiness by identifying their feelings and learning how to cope with big emotions.

5. The Adventures of Mega Mase

The Adventures of Mega Mase Source:Courtesy of Amazon

The Adventures of Mega Mase taps into your little one’s inner power. Readers are taken through an adventure that helps them to understand just how dynamic they are while embracing the benefits of nap time. 

6. Jolly Jurassic ABC’s: A Dinosaur Alphabet Extravaganza

Jolly Jurassic ABC's: A Dinosaur Alphabet Extravaganza Source:Courtesy of Amazon

Jolly Jurassic ABC’s: A Dinosaur Alphabet Extravaganza is an educational book that explores letters and dinosaurs. It’s an engaging read that teaches and entertains.

7. Peekaboo Morning

Peekaboo Morning Source:Courtesy of Amazon

Peekaboo Morning invites your toddler to play the popular peekaboo game by pointing out what the book’s character sees. It’s adventurous and keeps your toddler guessing.

8. Please, Baby, Please

Please, Baby, Please Source:Courtesy of Amazon

Please, Baby, Please takes its readers through the exciting and challenging journey of raising a toddler. It’s a fun, relatable read for both parent and child.

9. 10 Children’s Books Every Black Child Should Own

10 Children's Books Every Black Child Should Own Source:Courtesy of Amazon

Whose Toes Are Those? is a beautiful book that celebrates a baby’s toes and teaches them awareness of that body part. It’s a cute book that both baby and parent will enjoy. 

10. I Like Being Different

I Like Being Different Source:Courtesy of @read_ilikebeingdifferent

I Like Being Different encourages its readers to embrace individuality. It promotes radical self-love and acceptance and helps your child understand diversity.