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Lavender + Rose Soak

Source: Photo Courtesy of Retailer / Photo Courtesy of Retailer

Capitalism has spoken and while many companies have opted to slash budgets by closing the conference room where their employees spend hours rolling their eyes and dodging suspect potluck offerings, others have demanded we return to the fluorescent light. 

If you’re not looking forward to letting go of pants free zoom calls and mid-day adult naps to head back to pervasive passive aggression and frigid central air, you’re not alone. Many are struggling with social anxiety about the return to semi-normalcy. We’ve rounded up 10 Black-owned products to help make your transition a little bit easier.

10 Black Owned Products To Soothe Your Back To The Office Anxiety  was originally published on

1. Nichole Avonie – Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil $29.50

Nichole Avonie - Blue Chamomile Cleansing Oil $29.50 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

Melt the day away with this serene blue Chamomile cleanser.

Chamomile is more than the magical ingredient in Sleepytime tea; it’s an all-purpose skin-care ingredient that works for every skin type. If you’re prone to stress breakouts chamomile is perfect for you because it soothes irritated skin and treats blemishes. As an added benefit Chamomile is not known to clash with other common skincare ingredients so you can layer it with your favorite vitamin C serum.

It also helps reverse sun damage so you might want to add it to your routine if you’ve skipped too many days of Black Girl Sunscreen in a row.

2. Brown Girl Jane – Heal Luxury CBD Body Butter  -$52.00

Brown Girl Jane - Heal Luxury CBD Body Butter  -$52.00 Source:Brown Girl Jane

Sitting in a crappy office chair for eight hours takes a toll on your body. Treat yourself by slathering this luscious plant-based body butter all over. It’s a scent-free blend of Cocoa Seed Butter and shea butter that contains Safflower Seed Oil, and Organic Aloe Leaf, Calendula and cucumber extracts.

The best part? It comes in a squeezable tube that can fit easily in the commuter bag you were forced to swap out your tiny Telfar for when you returned to the subway.

3. Suri’s Growth Serum in Original – Suri Growth Essentials – $20

Suri’s Growth Serum in Original - Suri Growth Essentials - $20 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

This newcomer to the hair care industry has serious promise. Like the brand’s leave-in conditioner and herbal hair lotion, this hair Growth Serum smells like actual rose petals instead of the cloying mechanical nonsense that often passes for real roses in most cosmetics factories. The soft scent of the lightweight formula floats out of the bottle. The liquid also leaves a wonderful sheen in your tresses that seals the moisture inside where it belongs.

4. Flaunt – Lauren Napier – $36.00

Flaunt - Lauren Napier - $36.00 Source:This is a promotional image from the retailer

These all-purpose wipes are a must have for anyone on the go. They can’t be used to wipe down your face, body, or any surfaces that will come in contact with either. They’re individually wrapped so you don’t have to worry about resealing a large package or having the container dry out because you didn’t close it correctly.

Have sensitive skin? Try the cleanse option. It’s loaded with aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extracts to help keep things smooth. 

5. Affirmation Greeting Card Set – Aya Paper Company -$15.00

Affirmation Greeting Card Set - Aya Paper Company -$15.00 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

Your boss and co-workers might be stingy with their praise but with these customizable greeting cards a warm message will never be too far away. Use the standard versions or scribble something in the blank inside to give you the message you need to get through the day. Tack one up in your office and keep it in your line of sight. Or heal yourself through healing others  and slip one to your favorite Black slack buddy.

6. Quartet- Taylor Beauty Products $20.00

Quartet- Taylor Beauty Products $20.00 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

Inspired by a family trip to Saint Maarten this beauty brand was started by minipreneur Madison Taylor. 

Taylor fell in love with the scents of the island’s sweet fruits and lush flowers and this slick travel-sized quartet pack of lotions makes it easy to see why. It is full of sweet, vibrant scents that will fill your office with joy and fit in your ESR tote on a weekend getaway. 

Toss one in your handbag to keep your cuticles moisturized and your spirits high. 

7. Handpoured Coconut Soy Candle in “ Summer Rain” – Alchemy Body Shop – $28

Handpoured Coconut Soy Candle in “ Summer Rain” - Alchemy Body Shop - $28 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

The combination of cedarwood, coconut, and vetiver in this candle smells like the AIR BNB by the beach where you got more work done without people popping in to ask stupid questions about your box braids.

Keep it in your work space (unlit) of course to make it a little more comfortable or set it near the entryway in your living space and lit as soon as you walk in the door as a ritual that helps you shake off the stress of the outside world.

8. Lavender + Rose Soak – Liberate Botánica Apothecary – $18.00

Lavender + Rose Soak - Liberate Botánica Apothecary - $18.00 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

There’s nothing that can help you shake off a series of bloated “per my last email” exchanges like slipping into a warm bathtub. Founded by Snowfall actress and entrepreneur Naté Jones, Liberate Botánica Apothecary’s shop is full of items that can turn a twenty minute soak into a full on spa session but the Lavender + Rose is our favorite. It features actual lavender and rose petals that float on top of the water and transport you elsewhere.

If you don’t have a bathtub you can pour it into a muslin satchel and hang it from your shower head to achieve a similar effect.

9. Velour/Silk Sleep Mask – Bifties – $12.00

Velour/Silk Sleep Mask - Bifties - $12.00 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

Head out to the car or slip into an empty conference room on your lunch break, slip this over your eyes, place your earbuds in your ears, and pretend you’re actually having the cat nap nobody would have noticed if you were in the comfort of your own home.

Pick it up on its own or add it to a customized gift box and treat yourself to a few other Black-owned delights.

10. Black Girl Magic Travel Mug – Effie’s Papers – $20

Black Girl Magic Travel Mug - Effie’s Papers - $20 Source:Photo Courtesy of Retailer

We might be forced to return to shared spaces but communal coffee mugs are where we draw the line.

Tuck this cute travel mug in your bag to keep you cootie free and remind you that no matter where you are or who you’re surrounded by you’re made of magic. Still in need of some mid-day slump inspo? The brand also has cheerful sticky notes to let you know you even badasses get exhausted and it’s okay to protect your peace.